Arun S. konagurthu

अरुण सिद्धार्थ कोनगुर्तु
అరుణ్ సిద్ధార్థ కొనగుర్తు
  1. Bullet About

I am a Senior Lecturer at the Clayton School of Computer Science, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University.  Between 2011-2013, I was additionally a Larkins Fellow at this faculty.

I lead a small research group that researches mainly in computational biology and bioinformatics. Other research interests include data structures and algorithms, computational modeling and simulation, combinatorial optimization, and statistical learning using Minimum Message Length criterion. 

For research related tools/resources:
Visit my research group webpage]

Faculty of IT is organized around (virtual) research centers; I am affiliated with the Centre for Research in Intelligent Systems (CRIS), and (the newly formed) Center for Computational Science (CCS).

Furthermore, my research fits squarely within the Faculty’s Computational Biology research flagship.

Office location

Room 229, 25 Exhibition Walk (a.k.a Bldg 63)

(Level 2, second last door all the way down the corridor)

Monash University, Clayton, VIC 3800

[Clayton Campus Map]

Postal Address

Faculty of Information Technology,

Monash University, Clayton, VIC 3800



P  +61 3 9905 3227

F  +61 3 9905 5400

E  <first_name> DOT <last_name> AT monash DOT edu